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Water Cart – In mines and mining sites, road dust can impact safety and productivity, creating a constant struggle to balance dust pressure with additional water. Built on a proven cat

777G Truck Platform The new Cat 777G Water Solutions Truck is an innovative and agile tanker truck that helps control road dust in mining and quarrying operations. This is an exciting direct move by Caterpillar into the mining water truck market that has traditionally been served by dealers and third-party specialty companies using Cat chassis.

Water Cart

By integrating technology-connected trucks, tanks and water distribution systems, the Cat Water Solutions 777G “helps solve overflow and wastewater problems with a focus on sustainable operations. Cat Water Delivery System (WDS) integrated with Cat

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MineStar Edge™ helps manage sites more safely and productively with increased levels of connectivity technology, offering basic and premium options to meet site needs. “

The new Cat 777G Water Solutions truck comes standard with a 20,000 gal (76,000 L) Cat branded integrated water tank, complete with spray system, splash guard, foot and rock ejector. With the adaptive economy operating mode, the truck’s engine consumes 13% less fuel than in Full Power mode. The water cannon engine runs at idle, reducing fuel consumption by up to 50%

“Cat Exclusive WDS” offers variable water flow based on truck speed and determines the proper flow to reduce the risk of accidents due to poor visibility while protecting the water. A variable displacement pump automatically starts and stops when the truck slows or stops, preventing excessive water build-up at road intersections and subsequent poor roads. It also has a soft start and automatically shuts off when the tank is empty, preventing damage from the pump running dry. WDS components include water cannon, oil cooler, variable displacement pump, hydraulic oil tank, electronic control box, and hydraulic motor/water pump.

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Minimizing the health risks associated with airborne particulates allows automated water distribution operators to focus on driving to increase site safety. Remote tank fill control, complete with auto shut off to prevent overfilling, allows the operator to remain in the cab while filling to prevent potential operator slip and falls.

Avoid Tanking In Your Aggregate Water Truck Safety And Cost

Integrated with Cat WDS, the cloud-based Minestar Edge collects and communicates machine data, allowing site supervisors to monitor fleets and meet production targets. With real-time and historical reporting, the system can provide a variety of data to improve fleet productivity, scalable to suit specific site requirements, including truck location and usage, fuel and water levels, water supply volumes, protected areas and water rates. Others are putting on operational metrics

This fully integrated system with Cat brand tanks is supported by local Cat dealers. Tank trucks, including tanks and components, are covered by Caterpillar’s standard factory warranty and are eligible for Cat Equipment Protection Plans (EPPs) and Customer Value Agreements (CVAs). retrofits are available for the existing Cat 777G truck platform. Tanker trucks are vehicles that specialize in transporting water from source to application. They are versatile and convenient in design and these tank trucks are commonly used in a variety of specific applications. These tank trucks are usually capable of transporting 10,000 to 15,000 liters of water. Versatile, versatile and built to last, these service trucks offer you ideal water transportation services for various industries such as mining, agriculture, construction and water storage.

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Any job that requires moving and excavating earth often creates dust, making it difficult for operators to see clearly, as well as posing a health risk to your employees. Tanker trucks can help manage these issues effectively by keeping moisture in the ground and suppressing dust after the earthmoving crew picks it up, preventing costly delays and complaints on your project. On mining and construction sites, tankers can also be used for soil compaction because too much water can turn muddy and leave too little dust on the ground. These tankers provide a ready, mobile source of water that can be applied as needed. Farmers use trucks to ensure adequate transportation of water for spraying, especially during droughts. It is the easiest way to transport large amounts of water to supply a large area with minimal effort.

Water trucks are also actively used to fight fires in any emergency, especially in areas without fire hydrants or other sources of water, these trucks can be converted into reservoirs to extinguish the danger. However, the main use of tankers is residential, where large quantities of water can be supplied in an emergency. Also, these tank trucks are widely used in natural calamities and accident-prone areas with scarce water resources.

Caterpillar Launches The 777g Water Solutions Truck To Control Road Dust

Australia’s leading name in mining and construction equipment and vehicles For over three decades, we have successfully built a name in the Australian mining and construction industry by providing specialists and contractors with customised, durable, Efficient and world class. With our extensive collection of water trucks for rent, we can provide you with options that will meet all of your specific needs and requirements based on your site application requirements. These service trucks are easy to operate and feature magnum spray valves and hydraulic water cannons for easy water distribution.

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A major disadvantage of these water tanker trucks for sale is that their high price may not be ideal as the price of these trucks will exceed the budget set for the respective project. So our truck rental helps in that situation You can get the same level of service and results for a fraction of the cost You don’t have to set additional cost levels to buy all the equipment you need for your mining operation Plus, you have quality assurance of equipment such as mining and earthmoving vehicles and we are leaders in terms of equipment. With a long history of involvement in the industry, we have the experience and expertise to bring the best of gaming to our customers. We assure you that all our equipment and vehicles are regularly inspected and maintained on site to prevent unwanted accidents. Especially when it comes to our tank trucks, we have a variety of quality brands that you can hire to suit your needs and your application site. For the mining industry, agricultural irrigation, civil and rural construction or firefighting, find the ideal option for renting a tanker truck in Perth.

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