Vans Water Shoe

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Proud to unveil our first fully flush shoe, the Track Slip-On. Continuing the tradition of active innovation, a first-of-its-kind creation has been created that can take on anything – and look great doing it.

Vans Water Shoe

Developed with the help of a global surf team including the ever-creative Dylan Graves, the Trek-Slip-On takes inspiration from a shoe with the benefits of a sandal and brings the radical spirit of surf to life. becomes familiar. Designed to be lightweight and easy to pack for your next adventure, the Trek Slip-On meets the needs of a local workweek break or more complex deployment transition without compromising personal style. Ready for sand, mud, rocks, pavement and everything in between, its one-piece injected TPU composite is designed to reduce overall waste and offers durability in a flexible, packable silhouette. At the top of the checkerboard design are the windows to open for breathability and the ability to wash and repeat when needed. Ports on the toe and heel are integrated for drainage, and the oversized inverted waffle outsole provides great grip and traction in a variety of conditions.

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The hero color, grape leaf, is currently green, and the shoe is available in black, navy and a limited-edition speckled colorway designed by Portland, Oregon artist Chris Johansson as part of X-Chris. Johansson Collection. Track Slip-On is now available. Key Features: The surf boat mid is made of perforated neoprene and has sidewall openings that allow for maximum water flow and help regulate temperature. Rubber overlays on the heel, toe and sole extend to the sides to provide structure and traction. The surf boot has a hi-toe cap that is also lined with rubber for warmth and elastic seams. The same rubber details can be found again on the toes, heel and sole. Neoprene ankle height keeps water out.

Editor’s Notes: Vans has unveiled its first skate-inspired surf boot, taking the brand’s iconic checkerboard pattern and reimagining it for the water rather than the skate park. Offering improved grip and feel on the board, Wayne’s new surf flip flops come in two variations: medium and high. The mid section is for hot water, the upper is for cold water and has an embedded rubber cover to keep water out and feet warm.

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Both styles feature Vans’ iconic side stripes and checkerboard details. And the skateboarding inspiration doesn’t stop at the design details. Wayne has taken his original waffle grip and realized and re-engineered these features for surfing.

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Vans Trek Slip On Review: I Love The Rubber Water Shoes

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These vanes slip-on TRKs are waterproof, with injected EVA rubber for flotation and perforations to let water through easily if you’re fishing or wading in a lake or river. And best of all, they look better than the competition.

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“What’s with those weird shoes?” You have to blend in with black models without your friends asking because they look amazing. They are very cheap for a waterproof shoe. You can grab them now at Huckberry for just $55.

If you’re ready to ditch your Crocs for these waterproof Vans and grab yourself a pair, hit the BUY button below!

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It started with a simple idea that any jet-lagged surfer could understand. The riders on the Van Surf Team needed something that looked like a shoe but functioned like a lightweight hiker and could take them from the airport to a small remote island with a city break. Be done. That solution is the Ultra Range Rapid Weld, which has a classic van silhouette but features features better suited to handling demanding terrain. I’ve been wearing a pair all summer and I think it’s the most versatile travel shoe on the market.

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With or without socks – slip them on and the smooth, boot-like design eliminates areas of friction and reduces the chance of blisters. Lightweight, breathable mesh with minimal texture welded overlays instead of sewn seams to reduce potential chafing, just like your favorite ultralight running shoes, refreshing on hot days and long walks. forgives I’ll admit they’re not as comfortable as flip-flops, but the Ultra range are sturdier and I’m not worried about them exploding after an imbalance on rocks.

So why not just pick a pair of trail runners? In addition to the stark aesthetic — which I don’t channel during the holidays — there’s also the weight. In the Cruise Outside Summer Buyers Guide, you’ll notice that even the lightest on the list is about nine ounces. The Ultra Range Rapid Weld is 8 oz and significantly lighter and looks more relaxed.

But it’s the exterior that makes them necessary for me. You won’t find the non-slip lugs on traditional water shoes like the Sperry Shock Lite Boat, which offer off-road traction but aren’t as sturdy as you’ll find walking on pavement. Think of them as skate shoes with off-road tubs.

Vans Surf Boot Checkerboard: Official Release Information

For more serious hikes or multi-day hikes, these are not your go-to shoes, but heavier hikers and trail runners with more aggressive outsoles like the Dynafit Feline Vertical or the New Balance Wazee Summit V2. Perfect for taking you into the remote wilderness. But unless you’re living in a remote village at the end of a five-mile hiking trail, trail shoes will look over the top in your average seaside village and boring in a big city. .

The longer the journey, the more important I think carefully.

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