Storage For Water Bottles

Storage For Water Bottles – It’s easy to collect a variety of water bottles, mugs, shakers, and cocktail straws. Here’s how to organize wine bottles in your closet.

Do you get frustrated when you open the cabinet and drink bottles are all over the place? This has annoyed me in the past and I have had a hard time finding a container for wine bottles.

Storage For Water Bottles

So I thought about it outside the plaza and decided to try the crystal file storage containers for the office…they are delicious!

About Bottles And Storage

I like that they are clear so I can easily see at a glance what drink bottles we have and all the bottles and cups are nice and neat. Another great thing is that they have small wheels on the back so it’s easy to roll out.

I separate the caps so the bottle doesn’t leak, but I also want them to be conveniently close to the bottle. I use these storage containers with adjustable dividers that are also stackable so it’s very easy to store different types of lids for easy access.

So now my wine bottles don’t fall on the floor, and my wine bottle cabinet looks great and very functional. Who would have thought a table storage container could look so good in the kitchen?

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Gallon Water Bottle Stand 4 Layer

The pantry is where you’ll find all your delicious food, but it’s also one of the areas in your home that can get messy and cluttered. No matter what type of closet you have, whether it’s a one-door, deep two-door, or a walk-in closet, it’s easy to become cluttered. Below, I’ve rounded up some water bottle storage and organization ideas from readers that show practical, real-world ways to keep those bottles out of your hands.

When it comes to water bottles, there are some organizational challenges. First, you have to keep track of the bottle itself, the cap, and sometimes some other parts.

Also, they don’t usually pile up, if you collect seeds like ours, they tend to be uneven in size, and they tend to fall off easily, causing an avalanche when the cabinet door is opened. keep them

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That’s why I recently received this question from a reader: Water bottle storage ideas would be great! We run a lot, we take a lot of water bottles at races and use them all the time, but in my life I can’t find a practical storage solution for them. In my opinion it should be simple. Lots of laughter. So I asked readers what they did and got a lot of advice

Mdesign Modern Plastic Stackable Vertical Standing Water Bottle Holder Stand

Here are the most popular ideas. I’d love to get more ideas on how to organize these bottles (we did this as part of a kitchen cabinet and drawer organization challenge), so if you have any suggestions (especially pictures), please post them here and I’ll be better off They are added to the page.

But before you start organizing them, make sure you’ve cleaned your water bottles, travel mugs, and plastic cups as part of your Declutter 365 mission, so you only need to organize and save the bottles you really love and will use.

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So the most popular idea submitted by readers, and one that does seem to work in the long run, is to put an out-of-door shoe cabinet on the back of the cabinet door and use it to store bottles.

Liters Of Portable Water Storage Tub Water Barrel Mineral Water Bottle For Car School Office For Outdoor Camping

I like the idea because they’re easy to get, you can’t have more than you have on hand (so you can feel good about grabbing the cheap bottles you seem to get in each function), and the caps and they’re in Together. method!

Wine racks can help you store and organize bottles in various areas of your kitchen, such as in kitchen cabinets, on cabinet shelves, and even on kitchen counters.

The top photo in the collage above was sent by reader Amy, who said: “I use wooden wine racks that match my cabinets! There are a few in the sink, not on the shelves, because of the football.”

The photo at the bottom of the collage is from another reader, Mary Jo, who explained, “I have two small wine racks on my counter.”

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How Do You Organize Reusable Water Bottles?

A very popular storage solution that I first featured on the Household Management 101 Facebook page is this stackable water bottle storage rack.

It can be used in counters, cabinets or storage racks, making the bottle easy to grip and ready to use.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the number of water bottles you need to store and the shape of the space you want to use the shelf for. You can get them here:

He explained: “I don’t keep empty, clean water bottles. When they are clean, I fill them with water and put them in the fridge. I only have water bottles for each family member, plus 2 more. “

Bottle Hand Trolley (5 Bottles) Transportation

One of the biggest problems with water bottles, travel mugs, and other types of portable glasses is that they end up in cabinets.

To avoid problems, you can put them in a container. As reader Anna above shows, your containers can be placed on a shelf. She explained: “I put mine in this red trash can on the shelf. I take water bottles to various places on vacation. So I go through and put the ones I use and find another place. Alone.”

Alternatively, you can keep the container in a cupboard so that all the bottles are kept together but hidden later.

The key is to keep as many bottles as possible in the container so they don’t spill, so when you get a new bottle and it starts to overflow, you’ll know it’s time to throw away some you don’t like there. don’t like either.

Over The Door Coffee Tumbler And Water Bottle Organizer

For example, here is another photo of a water bottle in a wire box shown by reader Linda. She explained that she recently organized hers, saying, “From 22 to 10. Everything is in a basket now.”

Finally, here’s a photo from reader Leslie. She said: “It’s a lifesaver! Ours is in the cupboard above the microwave and it falls in my face when I open the door. It’s also a coffee mug and a protein shake bottle.”

Now it is your turn. What are your thoughts and advice on storing water bottles? I want to hear, and even better, watch.

You can submit your thoughts and photos here and I’ll add the best to the page.

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There are many more storage and organization ideas in this roundup of storage ideas and solutions. Check out more ideas.

Also, if these ideas inspire you to become more organized in your kitchen, be sure to check out the Kitchen Cabinet and Drawer Organization Challenge, which is part of the 52-Week Organized Home Challenge I run on my website!

In weekly challenges, we tackle different areas or types of items in your home, and over the course of a year, you’ll gradually declutter your entire home, developing habits and routines to keep it that way!

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