Starbucks Coffee On Tap

Starbucks Coffee On Tap – If you haven’t tried Nitro Coffee yet, you’re missing it! Nitro is a cold draft coffee that is filled with tiny nitrogen bubbles, and the bubbles give this coffee a foamy texture similar to beer. Beer for breakfast (any kind)? we are with you!

Until now, it was hard to find in most parts of the country, even in small craft cafes.

Starbucks Coffee On Tap

But Starbucks is preparing to increase its supply and introduce its new Nitro cold-brew coffee to about 500 stores at the end of the summer. Whether it comes close to you probably depends on how adventurous the coffee drinkers are in your area and whether the store has counter space to install a faucet system.

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The Nitro cold-brew will be launched as the chain’s regular cold-brew, which it released only last year. Under the counter, a barrel of cold brewed coffee; One line goes to the regular cold brew tap and the other line is filled with tiny nitrogen bubbles as it flows through the nitro tap. The regular cold-brew turns out exactly what you’d expect: smooth, dark brown, cold coffee. As the nitro pours out, falling into the cup, the dark and light brews are slightly different, with a thick, foamy top – similar to a Guinness beer, and even the same texture.

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Currently, the Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew is available in just 14 stores in Seattle and three in Portland, Ore., where it was available for tasting. In the coming weeks, San Francisco will get Nitro, followed by Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and New York. Here are five things you need to know before ordering if Nitro arrives in your city:

If you want to know if Starbucks offers nitro, of course, look for signs on the corner or the double chrome that looks like a beer tap you can see at the bar.

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2. Select the new 10 oz cup size. For nitro, Starbucks came with a 10-ounce “short” cup, which was 2 ounces less than the long. That’s because without the amount of ice, coffee — and caffeine — is more concentrated. While the chain offers the long size ($3.95 for 12 ounces) and large ($4.45 for 16 ounces) sizes of the Nitro Cold Brew, it recommends going smaller. The smaller 10 oz size is $3.45.

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Nitro is served without added sugar, without ice cream—avoid both and omit dairy as well, or you risk diluting the foamy topping too quickly. (It comes out of the barrel already cold.)

4. Remove the lid and sprinkle. Don’t get confused when the barista pours nitro without a lid or straw. That’s because the straw will miss the best part, the cream on top. So if you need a lid to take your drink with you on the go, they’re more than happy to give you one, but once you get to your destination, remove the lid and use your nitro. Enjoy as it should be.

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Even though it tastes like Guinness, nitro coffee has only 5 calories and 0 grams of sugar. The beans used by the chain for their cold brew already have a slight natural sweetness, and Nitro’s whipped cream adds a smooth, thick texture, so you don’t miss out on cream or sugar.

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