Songs About Water

Songs About Water – Defining NIBI’s Water Songbook, teamwork, and perseverance work together to provide clean water for Nibi and all her friends. Nibi means water in the Anishinaabemowin language. A song about water by InNibi, a local girl searching for clean water to drink. Despite repeated setbacks, Nibi’s joy and determined energy catalyzed change and action in her community, and then around a growing number of countries and governments, to provide her with clean drinking water. Great for young readers, the story has a solid foundation, even if the challenge seems overwhelming. It is impossible to move in the face of mistakes. Sunshine Tenaska is an Anishinaabeg clean water activist, and her work exudes a spirit of incredible optimism. The confident tone and lyrical reading of this tender tale opens the door for conversation and action for young children, whether they live in a land without clean water or where access is available. Lady Bird’s stunningly original artwork weaves themes of strength, hope and resilience through an incredibly talented collaboration. Thoughts on NIBI’s Water Song books

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Imagine…you’re thirsty. really thirsty. But you turn on the faucet, and brown water flows out. What are you going to do Call someone to fix it? Ask your neighbors if you can drink their water. call a friend? Need emergency care? But… if this is your reality, day after day. You turn on the faucet and brown water comes out. What would you do?

Songs About Water

Unfortunately, this is the reality for some Aboriginal communities in Canada. Not all Canadians have access to clean running water, which is a huge and terrible injustice.

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Nibby’s Water Song is a new picture book that will draw attention to this great injustice in Canada’s Aboriginal communities. It was written and illustrated by Aboriginal woman Sun Tenasco and Chief Lady Bird. These words are simple, yet profound and hopeful. These photos help show the reality told through the lens of a young Nibby girl. Nibi’s Water Song aims to raise awareness of the lack of clean water for many local communities.

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The book also shows what happens when people communicate and solve problems together. Nibi and her community work together to provide clean water to Nibi and her friends!

Despite the injustice and unfairness of the subject of this book, the author does a great job of explaining the problem. The text is simple, the pictures are attractive, and a page at the end of the book further explains the problem. This book is filled with hope that by working together, we can address the social injustices facing families like Nebi’s in Canada.

This book is a great way to introduce your child to this important topic and explore topics such as Indigenous communities, inequality and social justice.

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Although this book was provided to me for review by Scholastic, opinions are my own.

(Please note: This video contains references to bleeding and pregnancy. Please allow your child to watch it.)

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You can learn more here: The Water Crisis in Canada’s Indigenous Communities. The website includes information on the various water advisories and a map showing the various Aboriginal communities that offer water advisories.

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