Shar Trail Mix

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Shar Trail Mix

Our founder and CCO, Katie, can’t get enough of this mix of tracks. Make no mistake, this is not the trail mix you pick up in line at the grocery store. This mix track will make your mix party jealous. Each carefully selected component of this blend complements the flavors of others. All the delicious and necessary ingredients in one place. We believe this is a “no going back to the old ways” recipe.

Milk Bone Trail Mix With Real Beef & Sweet Potato Chewy & Crunchy Dog Treats, 9 Oz Bag

Each of the 9 ingredients in Shaar’s trail mix is ​​organic. The Climate Neutral Certified company also provides many ingredients that can be sourced locally or directly from small farms.

Good news! Plastic tubes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. But the good news? It’s also rechargeable and reusable – so stay tuned.

No need to guess what is in the food or how to make it. Our experts evaluate each product for product integrity, responsible research, and good taste using the Hive Five process.

Fruits and nuts are grown all over the world. Thoroughly examining the origins of these items should be a top priority for nations. Shaar is. The certified climate-friendly company uses only carefully processed natural ingredients. They see themselves as “Earthlings” because they make sure to think about the earth in all cultures. As well as using 100% bamboo cones to sample, they also package their trail mix in a refillable, refillable plastic tube. And that’s not all, because members of the Conservation Alliance have pledged 20% of the organization’s annual income as support.

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Trail Mix Snack Bag

Shār is officially recognized as a temperate climate. They have measured their carbon emissions by 2020, done all the tracking, and are committed to reducing emissions in the future.

Trail mix tubes are refillable for up to a year and reusable. The tube is also 100% plastic-free and biodegradable, just like the eco-friendly bags used in many clothing products.

In addition to donating 20% ​​of their annual income to the Conservation Alliance, they are members of 1% for the Planet.

Shār (say like care, or bear, or you know, share) was founded by Peter Rushford. Peter started making delicious and healthy snacks in 2013 and I’m glad he did. After sourcing nine nuts, seeds and chocolate chips from organic, small-batch and responsible producers, Peter delivered on his promise straight to plastic-free packaging. And donate 20% of net income to the Conservation Alliance.

A New Trail Mix To Remind You Of The Classic

Katie said, “You have to do a perfect hand with the width of each part.” But these ingredients will be delicious as a ready-made granola bar or added to your next cookie.

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I thought, almost that the first combination, can it be great? Oh, everything! This is a very balanced granola. A little applause took me from lunch to dinner. I never thought Id fall in love with this one but what a great combination!

I received this trail mix as part of a gift box. I liked it so much that I ordered 25 packs to give as Christmas gifts!

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Shār Trail Mix

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Austin Texas Gift Basket

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