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(WSVN) – They’ve been told they have less than three months to pack up and leave the RV parks they’ve called home for years. However, it is not possible for many residents to simply leave. Here’s Kevin Ozebek with tonight’s 7 Investigations.

Their favorite feature is the view.

Eric Gagnon: “We had to find this camper specifically for the windows.”

Eric Gagnon and his fiancee Tracy Stokes’ trailer is parked right on the Gulf of Mexico.

As of 2018, they live in the Sun Outdoors Key Largo community.

Kevin Ozebek: “Do you like it here in this community?”

Eric Gagnon: “Yes.”

Tracy Stokes: “Yes”.

Eric Gagnon: “We did it.”

Tracy Stokes: “We did it.”

The change of heart happened on October 5th when they received this letter that said, “This is notice of termination of your monthly RV contract effective January 1, 2023. All personal belongings will have to be removed. This removal will be at the owner’s (your) expense.

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Tracy Stokes: “Heartbreaking because we’ve made a home here.”

Eric Gagnon: “We encrypt.”

Some residents of the Sun Outdoors Marathon community received similar letters, such as snowbird Clara Bader, who is based in New York state.

Clara Bader: “So it’s not like we can take our seats and go.”

Klara bought her winter house in 2018. It was along with this Florida room that was built out of a trailer.

So despite the fact that many people would call it a mobile home, Clara says it’s not mobile at all.

Clara Bader: “I called the manager at Sun in Marathon and he said they would pay for my trailer to be torn down. They would pay for the moving expenses.

This trailer belongs to Clara’s neighbor Adam Denny. He also has a Florida room addition.

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Adam spoke to us from his second home in North Carolina.

Adam Denny “It’s definitely not a moving object. These places have been around for decades. The tires haven’t touched the ground in decades.

Since many mobile homes own the house but not the lot, Florida has a law that makes evictions pretty strict for many, but that law may not apply here.

One reason is that both Sun Outdoor communities are zoned not as mobile home parks, but as RV parks.

Clara Bader: “It may not be illegal, but it’s certainly morally wrong.”

But here the story takes a turn.

When we asked Sun Outdoors about the letters, they told us, “We contacted all of our RV resort guests, and everyone is welcome to stay as long as they want, as it always has been. We are simply updating our booking structure.

Although just a few days ago, Adam and Clara were offered not only moving expenses, but an additional $3,250 and an additional fee if they left by mid-December. Sun Outdoors also offered to cover the cost of demolition.

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So far they have not accepted the offer.

Klara Bader: “It’s simple – it’s really unfair.”

Eric and Tracy were later told they could stay but would have to pay hundreds more a month.

Tracy Stokes: “So, yeah, we’re basically going to have to leave the Keys.”

Their homes are on good, working wheels.

With real estate prices soaring in the Keys, they’ve said goodbye to this patch of paradise and headed to Texas.

Kevin Ozebek, 7News.

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