Refrigerated Beverage Dispenser

Refrigerated Beverage Dispenser – Quench your guests’ thirst and promote drinks at your concession stand, buffet or restaurant with the Avantco D3G-2 Double 3 Gallon Water Cooler! Perfect for iced tea, lemonade, juice, or other soft drinks, these dispensers increase beverage sales and serve your thirsty customers by displaying the beverage below. The 3-gallon polycarbonate bag is durable and unbreakable and allows you to see the contents inside. They are easy to remove and clean at the end of each day. The gallon mark on the bag allows you to control the amount of liquid. The paddle machine mixes the beverage thoroughly without separating it and without causing it to look or oxidize, limiting the impact on taste and quality. The temperature is regulated via an optional independent pot control, so you can be sure your guests are enjoying their drinks at the perfect temperature.

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A stainless steel, non-drip valve prevents messes and spills after pouring. The drip trays are removable so they can be easily emptied and cleaned if needed. Prevents moisture or foreign contaminants from entering the compressor housing for long-term performance. Durable, this diffuser body as well as the vaporizer are made of stainless steel. For protection, ABS plastic side panels surround the body to prevent damage to the metal body. It requires a 120V electrical connection for operation.

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Refrigerated Beverage Dispenser

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Crathco Cs 3d 16 Simplicity Bubbler Series Triple Bowl Pre Mix Cold Beverage Dispenser With (1) 4.75 Gallon Hopper And (2) 2.4 Gallon Hoppers With Agitation Function

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