Red Sox-Yankees rivalry need Aaron Judge to Boston

The most historic rivalry in sports history could get a big boost in the interim if the Boston Red Sox go big and sign a 2022 free agent pitcher from the New York Yankees. Imagine for one second what Aaron Judge’s drama would be like if that changed in this classic rivalry?

Not only would such a fluke score some points for Red Sox Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom, but it would also bring out a rivalry that has lost some of its spark. While Bloom and company should focus more on taking care of their key players like Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers, Judge will be huge.

At age 30, Judge destroyed the league last season hitting .311 with 62 homers and 131 RBI. That size and big bat would be very exciting in the Red Sox lineup at a park like Fenway where he should and could put up those kinds of numbers for years to come, but is that right for Boston?

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Plus, will he use the Red Sox as pawns to get the deal he wants from the Yankees, a team that offered him a seven-year, $213.5 million extension before the season.

The Boston Red Sox will need to go big for a power bat like Aaron Judge

If he put that on the table before a historic season, imagine what other teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants and New York Mets would have to offer the slugger. There are plenty of teams to compete with and some big money to contend with, but the Boston Red Sox have to be a team in contention or at least a major player in the championship battle just to be tied with the Yankees.

In reaching the Umpire options in this season’s MLB Hot Stove,’s Mark Feinsand reviewed potential suitors for the Yankees slugger wearing the “B” on that rivalry baseball cap:

“On second thought, this might be the best option. Judge moving from New York to Boston would instantly make him the biggest figure in this rivalry since a guy named Ruth. Boston in 2022 The 2022 season has been disappointing, and even though the Red Sox are taking a significant amount of money off the books this winter, it’s likely that they’ll get Rafael Devers’ nine-figure extension out of paying Judge. When asked about it, she did not deny this idea, she told reporters, “We will talk about it at the end of the year. Hey Aaron, it’s the end of the year.”

Yes, really sweet. Unless it’s an either/or option for the Red Sox, why couldn’t they land a power bat like Judge to match up with Rafael Devers? He may benefit from losing Bogaerts, but Boston Judge will send ripples throughout Major League Baseball and will address every one of the top Red Sox free agents in the past who ruined Red Sox Nation by signing with the enemy. done, take it.

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This will be the return for Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens and Jacoby Ellsbury. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll throw Johnny Damon and Andrew Benintendi in there too. But, overall, Feinsand is right that this would be the kind of sweep the Red Sox need to put themselves back on the map as a big spender.

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Yes, Bloom, building a farm system has been amazing, but a big market team like Boston usually shakes up the league with a move like this. The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry needs this, baseball needs this, the fans need it and an ownership team that has lost touch with its fanbase needs it.


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