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Mix Studio – You feel your music needs more exposure. You’ve used all the right songwriting skills and production skills, but compared to most professional artists, your efforts are in vain.

We have over a decade of sound mixing and mastering experience. Joni and his team learned from some of the world’s best sound engineers:

Mix Studio

We help our customers release songs that anyone can connect with and listen to over and over again. We try to put the right sound in your head in your mix in every possible way.

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If you’re looking for a company that truly cares about your voice and works with you to realize your vision, JS delivers.

Click “Book Session” and select your package. Fill out the form and add a link to Google, Dropbox, or we’ll transfer your song dry and wet.

Once the files are received, we’ll mix and master your track in our #1 recording studio. Return time is 5-10 working days.

Once it’s done, you’ll find your high-quality WAV file ready to upload online. Get new followers, connect with your audience and grow!

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The true beauty of music is that it brings people together. It carries the message, and we are the singers, the messengers.]

If you are using Logic Pro X, you can export a session file. Include all audio files Be sure to convert any instrument or parts in the midi file to sound, as we don’t always have the same sounds.

When you’re ready, enter the We-Transfer link, fill out the form, and pay by pasting the link. Now we are ready to start your project.

Mixing and mastering at Joni Studios brought my songs to a new level of professionalism! Knowing that you will compete with my favorite singers, I now have the confidence to create my own songs!]

Hhb Case Study: How Eastcote Studios Upgraded For Dolby Atmos Music

I have worked with Joni and his team over the years and the quality of their work is amazing! Top musicians around the world now have access to online mixing and mastering services

All my tracks are mixed and mastered at Joni Studios. I have managed to accumulate millions of streams on various websites, win many music awards and land many opportunities! Dave Pensado is a Grammy Award-winning engineer (1 nomination, 4 nominations) based in Los Angeles, California. Dave began his career as a live and studio sound engineer in Atlanta. He moved (pilgrimage?) to Los Angeles in the 1990s and was working in the old Larrabee studio, plugging his spaces at the SSL desk. Around 2010, Dave started noticing that his ready mixes were starting to sound better than they did in the studio ( computer music producers, how’s that for inspiration? ). Pensado’s studio is currently located at the Fab Factory, where he specializes in creating radio hits by mixing pop, hip-hop, R&B and Latin. The studio setup is based on a hybrid approach to mixing (in the box and out of the box).

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You can click on the hardware highlighted in the interactive studio images below to learn more about each device. If the gear is not highlighted, it may be listed in the gear list below.

Crane Song Avocet is designed to solve the precise monitoring and sound control problems required by studios and mastering rooms. The Avocet controller has three digital inputs, three analog inputs and a headphone system.

Mixing Workshop: Gain, Equalizer, Kompressor Und Analyzer Beim Mix

Reftone 2LD monitors are made from Auratone 5c original speakers. Arrowtones, also known as ‘Horrortones’, are speakers that sound like hell! If you can get your mix to sound good on these speakers, you’ll have an amazing mix on your hands.

The Reftones/Aurotones alternatives use an old ghetto blaster and play your song on your phone (the device most people listen to these days via streaming services…what a scary show, haha!). Reftone is headed by Dave Hampton, who produced special versions of Prince & Herbie Hancock.

The Black Box HG-2 is a distortion unit inspired by the thermionic culture vulture. The HG-2 is an amazing outboard unit…true analog tube magic. For those working in a box – Plugin Alliance’s Black Box HG-2 is worth checking out.

Kush Audio’s Clariphonic Parallel Equalizer is a power engineer’s dream machine. Once you get it on your 2 buses, you’ll never get off.

Online Mixing / Mastering

Note: Some of the links below link to music stores and marketplaces, so you may earn commissions if you purchase hardware through the links (Reverb, eBay, Amazon).

The 14B compressor gives you the true sound of vari-mu tube compression – a sound that can’t be replicated with other gain reduction methods.

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Overtear offers M-A-S harmonic structure and round-the-peak performance of vintage records and chain mixes in a simple, highly manageable rack-mount unit.

For more purposes you can use M-A-S compressor in separate lines. M-A-S increases stability when preparing and executing peaks and difficult transitions, facilitates the balancing of rails in the mix, and reduces the need for bus lines on the line. Alternatively, using a compressor throughout the mix will enhance and increase the added harmonic content of coherence and detail.

La Studios / Margarita Mix

HG-2 has just been ported to VST by the audio wizards at Plugin Alliance. So if you don’t have $2k right now, you can get a VST pretty cheap. A big fan of the HG-2 sits on both buses here.

In episode 208 of the Pensado site, Dave shares 5 plugins he uses in all his models – many of which use machine learning / AI.

Solace by Oeksound is a powerful resonance compressor for mid and high frequencies. Unlike traditional EQ tools, it analyzes the signal immediately and makes extensive adjustments in real time. The plugin is now becoming a must-have tool for all link engines around the world.

Another smart artificial intelligence – Gullfoss listens to the signal and helps you find the right combinations while cataloging the content at the same time. Arthur C. Clarke famously said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Put this EQ on your master and you’ll hear exactly what it means. It really is magic.

Dj Mixing Music On Equipment In Recording Studio Stock Photo

This is a NAMM TEC Award nominated by Shane McPhee. The plugin accurately emulates 6 classic transformers popularized for their use by some of the biggest names in legacy outboard audio processing.

Overloud Echoson is a Gem Series magnetic drum delay plugin that provides classic reverb and delay. Its unique sound defined the sound of the 70s.

In collaboration with Greg Wells & Studio DMI – Acustica Audio has taken one of the best and most musical analog tube compressors (the RCA BA-6A Limiter Amplifier) ​​and brought unprecedented pressure on music to the digital space. El Rey sounds amazing on vocals and drums.

Released in 1975, it was the digital multi-EFX tool of the future. It was described by Tony Visconti in a pre-album call with Bowie and Eno as a “time-sensitive” digital processor. This tool is now available in software form and is a great tool of choice for those who want to create a unique mix of modulation, modulation and delay effects to hyperspace parts. As used by Bruce Swede on the famous “Thriller” album.

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Best Home Studio Mixers 2022

The Dave Pensado EQ is the result of intense analysis of all the finer points that characterize Dave’s unique processing and mixing approach. The EQ includes four selectable bands, LP/HP filters and two selectable preamps for an expanded analog flavor. Each frequency group emulates a different hardware machine that Dave has used over the years and helped shape the sonic signal (over 40 machines were sampled to create this VST!).

As expected, the Acoustica knocks it out of the park in terms of sound quality – the Studio DMI Diamond plug-ins are excellent – ​​and the Pensado’s EQ goes hand in hand with them. True audio nirvana in a box!

Mixing no more than 200 records a year, you can find Dave talking out loud with industry expert Herb Trawick on their weekly show on YouTube, Pensado’s Place.

Pensado’s Place has been on the air since 2010 (over 470 episodes now!) and interviews the world’s best engineers and producers. Featuring fascinating and informative interviews with Mike Dean (Kanye West, Madonna, 2Pac), Mick Guzowski (Earth, Wind and Fire, Eric Clapton, Daft Punk) and Young Guru (Jay-Z). My favorite interview with Dave is episode 56 with Steve Duda of Xfer Records, creator of the amazing Serum VST synthesizer, Cthulhu and LFO. This interview took place before Steve released Serum and contains excellent music production information for electronic music producers.

In The Mix Studios

At NAMM, Dave & Herb received the TEC (Technical Excellence and Creativity) Hall of Fame Award for their outstanding contributions to the world of audio for their great work and knowledge sharing.

In the Pensado region and the continuous record of mixing –

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