Let Me Bayou A Drink

Let Me Bayou A Drink – Hello stupid friends! I know you’ve been waiting for this OPI New Orleans 2016 post and you’ve finally managed to get 12 bottles in my dirty little hands. First, pregnant women. Second, sticks!

OPI New Orleans is a lovely set with a pair of wonderfully vibrant creams, but for the most part I don’t really know what New Orleans is. I thought there would be crazy glosses and kinky things, but nothing to do. Let’s start here with…

Let Me Bayou A Drink

. The more I look at this shade, the more I like it. There is a slight rose tinge to this almost white gold. Yes, it is a little scratchy in three coats but the lines are a little dry. I bet if you had a full size bottle (I can only tick off the small size), you would have better control of the brush and could fit it in there with fewer strokes than I can. However, I love this shade – it’s very subtle.

Opi New Orleans Collection Let Me Bayou A Drink 1

Pink Color; And not just any pink, but shimmering pink. I managed to put it on in two thick layers (three seemed like a lot of work). You can probably see little visible nail streaks and that’s fine with me.

. Do we see? Invisible electricity. What do you do or what do you do? It shines and shines. Without it, this cream shade will be too light instead of invisible.

Again, these two generous coats achieve this bright peach nude. There is a large amount of orange-red microbeads infused into this formula and that’s what gives it that lovely speckled finish. It is elegant.

. This is one of those lovely, peachy oranges that is really good at pushing OPI every three or so strokes. I was a small patch in two layers, so what you see is three. I wish I could wear these shades but ah…crawling shellfish arms – or, rather, lobster arms!

Opi Nail Polish

. Wow! Beautiful peach coral! Unfortunately this took me three hands and I don’t like making three hands. It was still incomplete in two layers, so I had to go back and do a third. However, it is good to be deceived, there is no doubt.

I’m now halfway through trying this set of 12 bottles and that’s it: the formula isn’t perfect. They are all thin and patched in two layers. You will need to adjust your technique to do things for two. Be gentle with the pressure of the brush and gently “dab” your coats on the nail. This removes those uneven lines and allows level polishing for an even finish.

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I love this raspberry shade. This is a very easy two coater and my first thought was “OPI Miami Beet”. And were you right? we will see. After. there. After being pregnant.

Covered with this shade is good. It’s super smooth and goes on like a dream in two coats. It’s a raisin powder cream that reverses the tone of the polish.

Are These The Most Houston Nail Polishes Ever?

Wow! Then the sun came out – still natural light but see the difference! Light: it is elegant.

ISventura. Yes, layer 3. No, I’m not interested. I can only get my hands on a mini of this shade, so my skin and hips aren’t as perfect as I’d like them to be, but I don’t care because I don’t have shades in my memory like that. this. Bright and purple, my absolute favorite of the 12 shades. It’s a new shade for me and I love the new color for me. Bring me a bigger bottle. Maybe two.

Giulia. What a blue! These are two layers that are 100% opaque. The formula is very thin so use a light touch and don’t overload the brush. You like this blue. I can tell.

. I love this mossy, herbaceous, bordering poisonous green for spring. I just do it. The formula is great. A nice light coat, a minute to wait and another top coat that gives good coverage and a really clean shine.

Opi Dip Powder Perfection

Yes! majesty! It’s a super bright coral cream! I can’t remember ever seeing a shade like this from OPI. You could almost ask for a jacket but you don’t have one. The second layer is needed to get a rich color saturation. I was smitten with this shade. I would wear it, I would wash your numbers. sincerely. This is what I showed you at the end. You know, before the sticks!

It’s hard to compare because some things fade and some don’t. The Essie romper is the same shade but it doesn’t last. In my opinion, this makes it completely different. He seems to have no two-way thing for this New Orleans squad. Six?

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That’s right, it’s an incomplete comparison post but you know what? These things take time and I’m done with all this business to deal with. If you want to see if something matches the others, Hola and I will see what I can do.

Availability: The OPI New Orleans Collection will be available soon (also in GelColor) at Ulta.com and TheBay.com. As of today it is already available online at other online retailers. How much will you get? One? Two? eight?

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Finally, here’s a handy link to the Hello Kitty OPI 2016 post in case you missed it (or want to check back so you can buy them all from Sparkle). If you missed it and don’t want to go there for a summary, here – get the presentation: nothing to reveal Hello, dear readers! Today I am reviewing 6 nail polishes from the OPI New Orleans 2016 collection.

New Orleans is one of the many collections released by OPI in the spring of 2016. They include 8 creams and 4 shimmers. Today I’m reviewing 3 shimmers (show us your tips, let me drink and drink moisturizing tea) and 3 creams (excuse me from the French Quarter, it’s bad Mavulita, and I’m on my way!).

All three lights have a solid design, which unfortunately I was not liking. Light makes the coating thicker, which leads to imperfect application. It is best to leave enough time between coats, otherwise you will end up polishing while trying to get an even coat. On the other hand, all three creams were self-contained and opaque in only two layers.

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Opi Combo 3 In 1 Matching

Let Me Drink This shimmery makeup is a soft blush pink. I love this elegant shade and think it would look great on its own or over a traditional French manicure. The flickering of this light is so subtle that it is impossible to capture with a camera. Shown is 3 coats plus one top coat.

Moisture-Tea This nail polish is a bronze shimmer. This is the kind of shade that looks good on the skin tone. 3 coats plus top coat are shown below.

Pardon the French quarter and OPI described this nail polish as raspberry cream. 2 coats plus overcoat are shown.

This cleanser is a neon coral red creme. I love how bright this is! 2 coats plus overcoat are shown.

Go Polished: Opi New Orlean Comparisons

This green cream is what I like to call Kermit the Frog green! 2 coats plus overcoat are shown.

Overall, I was a little underwhelmed by this set (including all 12 transparencies) as I didn’t think it was new or unique. Too bad the Muffuletta is fantastic, in my opinion. It’s a nice change to the OPI must-have red and the formula is really nice. Also, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Humidi-Tea formulas and the French Quarter rescue, but I love the shades and will probably wear them again.

This kit is available at Ulta and other national beauty retailers. What? do you have some of these nail polishes or are you going to make them? I would love to hear from you!

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Opi New Orleans

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