Holy Water Dispenser

Holy Water Dispenser – Beautiful holy water baptism engraving with contactless dispenser and adjustable water flow. A safe and elegant way to reintroduce holy water into the parish. Choose a free-standing or wall-mounted model in light oak, medium oak or dark oak.

Vianney Vocations developed the Aqua Sancta Touchless Sacred Fountain because we do not have this powerful sacramental in our parish. We wanted a dispenser that did not have a “medical” aspect and rather complemented the liturgical furniture of the parish. So we created a font that works well, isn’t cluttered, and looks great on any church.

Holy Water Dispenser

The congregation lacks holy water! We believe holy water is an important part of our Catholic identity that protects us from harm and reminds us of our baptism. As attitudes have changed during the pandemic, we believe that even if parishes continue to use normal fonts, many people will prefer the contactless option.

Touchless Holy Water Dispenser

The Aqua Sancta font is solid oak with carved details. Our Georgia-based craftsmen take pride in the meticulous assembly of each cast.

The built-in dispenser features a battery-operated sensor that activates the pump when a hand is lifted from underneath. The pump can be digitally adjusted to control the water flow. (We recommend the lowest setting). Plus, the digital dispenser shows battery life and water level.

Admittedly, it took us some time to get used to the idea of ​​holy water – something very simple – coming out of a high-tech dispenser. But we figured the water had to get to us somehow, whether you used your hands, seashells, or a bottle brush (some of which are pretty fancy). Holy water is basically mediated by other means. Why not go through a secure contactless distributor?

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Assembly and Installation The wall font is easy to attach to the wall with two screws (included). The free-standing version is easy to install with four screws and is very sturdy, with a weighted base to prevent tipping.

Oz Round Hdpe Plastic Holy Water Bottles With Flip Cap

Please note that while the wall font can be used on a flat surface such as a table, the sink will not rest in the circular opening and will be approximately 1.5″ taller than the product photo. However, the font works well on flat surfaces.

We Catholics love the simplicity of a baptismal pool of holy water that we can dip with our fingers, reminding us of baptism and our protection from evil. But because of the pandemic, holy water has disappeared from almost all Catholic parishes. We see contactless fonts as a safe and reasonable way to restore this sacramental importance.

Because it is better to have holy water in the parish than not to have it. Touchless Font uses off-the-shelf technology to meet basic, church-level or pre-packaged host sound system needs. Like many new ideas, it seems strange at first, but when I think about it, it makes sense.

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We distributed holy water in various ways – by hand, bottles, shells, baptismal font, aspergillus, etc. Remember the ritual of sprinkling water throughout the church! Why

New Liturgical Movement: The Sunday Asperges: Holy Water In A Time Of Drought

It looks better than the exit signs, HVAC vents, lights, and many other modern conveniences that creep into our churches. The oak exterior looks better in person than in the photos.

To our knowledge, there is no scientific consensus on all the ways viruses spread. What we do know is that most churches don’t have holy water out of fear

We do not think so. For better or for worse, mentalities have changed. Even though parishes continue to use regular holy water cisterns, many Catholics will prefer the contactless option.

We are truly committed to the renewal of the Church by inspiring the priesthood and religious vocations. However, from time to time we see special needs in the Church that we feel we can handle. Interestingly, it was another no-call project, our Mass Card, that funded the launch of our call resource store, which now has over 230 resources for parishes, schools, and universities. You can read more about our mission here. Size of this preview: 389 × 600 pixels. Other resolutions: 156 × 240 pixels | 311×480 pixels | 498 × 768 pixels | 664×1024 pixels | 1961×3023 pixels.

June 2020, Baden Wuerttemberg, Uhldingen Mühlhofen: A Dispenser With Holy Water Stands In The Pilgrimage Church Basilica Birnau At Lake Constance. The Church Administration Had Installed The Dispenser To Enable The Faithful To

A barrel of holy water for domestic use, with a tap. The inscription reads “Holy water to take”. Limburg Cathedral, Germany.

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Holy Water Dispenser

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