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Many people wonder if you can get decaf iced coffee at Starbucks. And the answer is yes. In fact, Starbucks has quite a few decaf iced coffee drinks on offer.

Half Caff Starbucks

However, decaf coffee drinkers will love that all Starbucks iced espresso drinks can be made with decaffeinated espresso beans.

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Here’s a quick look at each type of beverage on the Starbucks iced coffee menu and whether they can be identified.

Many Starbucks iced coffee drinks and iced espresso drinks, such as the B. Iced Caramel Macchiato, contain sweet-flavored syrup, lots of milk, gravy, and sometimes whipped cream.

A frozen americano is simply an espresso, poured with cold water and served over ice. Like all espresso drinks, it has a light layer of crema.

Starbucks New Iced Shaken Espresso is essentially the same drink as Double Shot on Ice (no longer listed on the menu).

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For this drink, the barista combines espresso, ice and classic syrup. Then a drop of 2% milk is added. Feel free to swap out any of the Starbucks milk options.

Plant-based milk varieties include Iced Chocolate Almond Milkshake Espresso and Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milkshake Espresso.

Pour Over is a method of drinking coffee in cups. So if you want a true decaf iced coffee instead of an iced espresso, refills are an option.

Basically, the barista grinds decaf coffee beans and slowly pours hot water over them while pouring the coffee into an ice tray at the bottom. It takes a few minutes to prepare, while making a delicious pour-over cup of decaf iced coffee. Don’t be surprised if the barista recommends a decaf coffee.

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If you don’t drink straight espresso, this is not the drink for you. Instead, choose an Americano that looks more like traditional iced coffee.

Starbucks Insider Tip Want decaf iced coffee? Since Starbucks doesn’t make decaf iced coffee, order a decaf Cafe Americano instead. It’s fast and delicious.

As I mentioned earlier, iced decaffeinated coffee still contains small amounts of caffeine. Because decaffeinated coffee isn’t the only thing decaffeinated.

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Think this way. Starbucks decaffeinated drinks never contain caffeine. But decaffeinated beverages have eliminated caffeine. Mostly.

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At Starbucks, a blonde roast shot contains about 85 milligrams of caffeine, while dark coffee contains 75 milligrams. And according to this lab study, decaf Starbucks ranges from 3 to 15 mg per shot. Caffeine is definitely a gift, but not all of us can afford much of this good cause. I’ve put together this list of Starbucks low-caffeine drinks because it’s hard to find low-caffeine drinks on the menu. Whether you’re sensitive to caffeine like me, need less caffeine in the afternoon, or maybe you’re a mom-to-be, this list gives you many different drinks you can order with 100 milligrams or less of caffeine.

Please Note: All beverage nutrition and caffeine information is based on a one-size-fits-all beverage from the Starbucks Mobile Ordering app.

Starbucks Pink Drink is a fan favorite, but did you know it doesn’t actually contain a lot of caffeine? Weighing only 45mg, you can enjoy it both morning and night.

Did you know I also have a recipe for making this refreshing pink beauty at home? Check here

How Much Caffeine Is In A Starbucks Iced Americano?

The Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refresher is traditionally very magenta in color and can be made with milk instead of water. (I think the syrup is clear now compared to the pink? Or at least it was on this finish).

One grand contains just 45 milligrams of caffeine and is great if you like a less fruity beverage. Hibiscus adds a soft, floral undertone.

I ordered two pumps of chai and two pumps of sugar-free vanilla Grande Iced Chai Tea Latte. By default, the drink still comes with four pumps of tea, which seems like too much, so adjust the pumps as needed.

This one sounds big in there caffeine and at 95 mg. Although less than 100mg may still be too much for some people who are particularly sensitive. If you like to drink, one size contains 70mg of caffeine and then you can save half of that (I definitely do, no ratings).

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If you’re looking for something fizzy with your caffeine, this is the way to go. I am also a big fan of blood oranges and it did not disappoint.

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The entire bottle contains only 40mg of caffeine; This is great if you’re looking for a low-dose option with a strong flavor. White tea is very low in caffeine, so you are always safe with white tea.

Remember when Starbucks advertised their brewed iced tea infusers in 2017? It’s still something, they just aren’t the subject of a big campaign right now.

I’m having trouble finding their white iced tea on the app (I hope they haven’t cut it!). So, based on my previous experience as a Teavana employee, here’s what I know. White tea contains less caffeine than green tea. Green iced green teas contain 25 mg of caffeine, so white iced tea contains less caffeine. I’d estimate around 15mg of caffeine for a giant so it’s just a little jerk.

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As mentioned earlier, a cup of green tea only contains 25 mg of caffeine, which is a full boost. You can see in the picture it says “add strawberry base”. Let me explain what this means.

Long story short this drink was a fluke but using this photo as a reference I plan to order again and see what happens.

Long story short, I once asked a barista if it was strawberry flavored and she said, “Oh yes! I can add a strawberry base! This drink is what I got and it was great. However, in the app I only see “strawberry” or “strawberry puree” as an option and none of them have a “strawberry base” Puree is chunky and strawberries are dried strawberries used in pink drinks. The “base” was specifically supposed to be from another drink, but this genius barista made a good choice by adding it here. If you try to order it, let us know what it was in the comments below!

This is one of the other two drinks I mentioned above. I tried ordering strawberries again without specifying “basic”, not knowing I had to, and I got it. The story is so moral that if you order a strawberry drink, they will either ask you how you want it to taste or surprise you in many ways.

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This is a good option, but I personally don’t like chunks of mash. If you don’t mind, you’re in luck because this drink contains only 25mg of caffeine.

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This drink is my GOAT. Earthy but sweet and makes you feel good when you drink it. Unfortunately it has some sugar in it so I tried making it at home. But let’s be honest, the original always tastes better.

The large one has 80mg so it’s on the high side of caffeine but boy is it delicious! I wish Starbucks would shed some light on how much sugar they cut into their matcha powder.

Disclaimer: You must reach this time limit to stay under 100mg of caffeine. It’s 90mg in a serving, but if you’re on a strict diet and avoiding calories or sugar, it’s a completely coffee-based option.

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No milk and no sugar. You can also always save for midnight (like I did with my last order).

This is the only completely caffeine-free option on my list because the point of this list is to give you a little boost anyway. However this drink was really good and I had to share it. If you’ve exceeded your daily caffeine intake but need some flavor, this will do the trick.

It probably goes without saying but there is a lot of sugar in here so be careful when ordering. A large one is 45 grams total but damn if not fun! If you’re looking for less sugar, maybe try a longer one.

Please share your favorite low-caffeine Starbucks drinks in the comments! I need all the advice I can get because I don’t foresee this caffeine sensitivity going away anytime soon. Less is better for me and caffeine.

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