Evergreen Water Park

Evergreen Water Park – DAYTON, Fr. — Bill Stoller seems to wear the big “S” on his chest most of the time, but the Oregon tight end prefers to play Clark Kent.

But on April 14, Stoller officially took on the role of Superman in Yamhill County and the city of McMinnville when he purchased 285 acres surrounding the Evergreen Air and Space Museum — home of the iconic Spruce Goose aircraft — and Wings & Waves Water Park.

Evergreen Water Park

“It was the worst kept secret in town,” said Wayne Marshall, president and chief financial officer of the Stoller Group, which oversees Bill Stoller’s companies, including the Stoller family estate. “He didn’t want his name out there where he worked, but it was up for months.”

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The timing was not disclosed, but the news comes after the museum and adjacent water park have been saved from bankruptcy four of the past five years. All involved can thank Stoller, who graduated from Dayton High School in 1969 and now owns the museum.

“Bill is a 200-year-old visionary,” Marshall said. “He wants it to continue with the vision that Del Smith had when he started it.”

Smith, who first opened the museum in 1991, died in 2014 at the age of 84, but the founder of Evergreen International Aviation in McMinnville left behind a bankruptcy that the museum had to contend with. This week’s purchase offers good news for communities and industries hit hard by the economic downturn associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gary Mortensen, president of the Stoller Wine Group, which includes four brands with a total production of almost 100%, said that the tasting room has been closed since March 16, even the director of the kitchen at the Stoller Family Estate has been removed, because the staff remained 100%. 120,000 cases.

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The economic engine behind Stoller’s success is Express Employment Professionals, the world’s second-largest private staffing company with more than 800 offices in three countries. His life’s work is helping thousands of people find work, allowing him to transform the turkey farm he grew up on on the west coast, renovating field houses at both colleges where he played basketball – Lower Columbia College in S. Longview, Washington , and the University of the Pacific in Forest Grove, Oregon — and will quietly breathe more life into Dayton’s historic downtown.

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“The goal is to continue building Dayton Square, which embodies what happened with the downtown plaza in Sonoma, California, with a mix of retail, restaurants and hotels,” Marshall said. “It’s a vision he’s had for some time, and while it’s a business opportunity, it’s very philanthropic in nature, like the Evergreen Air and Space Museum.”

Marshall, a museum board member since 2014, was the spark behind the concept. It’s been 15 years since one of the world’s most famous planes landed in Oregon wine country.

“I first saw it in Long Beach in the 1980s when I was living in California,” Marshall said. “When I saw it here again, I was impressed, as are other aircraft like the SR-71 Blackbird, which draws you in, especially if you’re an aviation and history buff.”

File:boeing 747 121 On Top Of The Evergreen Water Park (6586490909) (2).jpg

This year, the pandemic forced the museum — which is now a Stoller tenant — to cancel the Sip McMinnville Festival, an event for wine lovers that takes up museum space and raises money for St. Petersburg. James School in McMinnville.

“It’s a major revenue stream for the museum,” Marshall said. “It’s a very profitable and very high-profile event, so it’s a significant loss to the community.”

Meanwhile, Stoller is upgrading the popular water park. And Marshall said Stoller plans to explore an additional single-family home near the Evergreen complex.

“With Dell’s death, the local ownership disappeared,” Marshall said. These were people who were not wedded to the area or the community, but now there is renewed interest in them.

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Ironically, Stoler’s wine has helped raise money for the museum over the years. There is a special Goose Spruce Pinot Noir made in Stoller that will be sold at the museum for $30 and will help support its programs.

Mortensen and his team look forward to creating a natural synergy that thrives within 10 minutes of the museum, water park, downtown Dayton and USA TODAY Top 10 Readers’ Choice Award-winning Stoller Family Estate Tasting Room. the last two years.

“The museum attracts 125,000 to 150,000 people a year,” Mortensen said. “This is a very impressive number which means a lot of jobs locally. There is tremendous potential now to market the museum, create more corporate stakeholders, and create education-based partnerships involving K-12 and college systems. There is great potential.”

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And Stoller’s winemaking team, led by Melissa Baer, ​​will also benefit from the deal, as it includes a decade-old pinot noir vineyard next to the water park.

Exterior Of The Waterpark And The Mounted Evergreen International Boeing 747 100 Jumbo Jet Stock Photo

Here are three wines produced by Stoller Wine Group that our panels have tasted over the past months.

Stoller Family Estate 2018 Chardonnay, Dundee Hills, $28: Melissa Baer, ​​Ben Howe and Kate Payne-Brown select from the largest chardonnay vineyard in Oregon’s Dundee Hills for this dormant example, which has an elegant lemon tone and offers complexity. Aromas of sprite, powdered sugar and fresh celery lead to a delightful aroma of papaya, pineapple and granny smith apple with a hint of apricot. Saber-like with a persistent acidity that makes it perfect for the dinner table.

Chehalem Winery 2017 Pinot Noir, Chehalem Mountains, $30: This wine didn’t sit long in barrel when Kathy Santoro moved into the winemaking leadership role after Bill Stoller fully took over from Chehalem founder Harry Peterson-Nedry. Santora’s iconic bottled Pinot Noir remains on sale, with Wind Ridge and Ridgecrest leading the way, sharing a bright purple fruit theme from start to finish. Flavors and aromas of blueberries, plums and pomegranates are joined by tea spices, bolstered by Bing cherry juice and a touch of Western service.

Oregon Cans NV Pink Bubbles, Oregon, $6: Stoller’s wine canning project combined the thirst for sparkling wines and rosé to create pink bubbles. A beautiful light pink color sets the stage for a beautiful sparkling rosé made with pinot noir, pinot gris and a splash of Riesling. It’s not red and the mousse brings strawberry and Hermiston strawberry flavors to the mouth. In the mouth, there is a beautiful creaminess, supported by a dry layer of bone reminiscent of pink strawberry and red currant. Look for these cans at Fred Meyer, Safeway, and Whole Foods.

Evergreen Wings And Waves Waterpark

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Spruce Goose Plus A Water Park Equals Successful Attraction For Evergreen In Mcminnville

The drinker must know which holes to cover and which to drink from in order to draw the liquid through the handle. View full size Faith Cathcart/The Oregonian The fuselage of a real Boeing 747 is the starting point for four giant water slides. at Evergreen Wings & Waves Water Park in McMinnville.

When the McMinnville attraction reopens for local holidays on Monday, June 6, Evergreen officials say it will be the only water park in the country with such a large educational component.

The 71,350-square-foot water park, Oregon’s largest, is family-friendly with 10 slides and a 91,703-gallon wave pool. But the interactive “Life Needs Water” display combines it with the educational focus of the complex at the nearby Evergreen Air and Space Museum and IMAX theater.

On the second floor of the children’s museum, there are exhibits on the importance of water in everyday life. One characteristic describes the three states of water (gas, liquid, solid). Another shows water falling from the sky as snow on Mount Hood, melting, flowing into the ocean, and then returning to the mountain.

Evergreen Wings And Waves Waterpa In Mcminnville, Oregon Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 115712184

Other features include a wave tank that can show floods and tsunamis, a fish capsule play structure with an astronaut training screen and Smokey Bear piloting a fire helicopter. Replica fighter jets and spaceships are also part of the water games.

The retired Boeing 747-100’s four large slides start on the roof, 62 feet above the landing. They range between a 550-foot clear yellow slide that has a smooth ride, and a 350-foot green slide nicknamed the “nosebleed” because of its steepness.

The wave pool is filled with water heated to 84 degrees with huge compressors to create big waves or smaller random waves. The water park also has a leisure pool and spa.

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