European World Cup teams to defy FIFA in armband standoff

DOHA, Qatar (AP) – In a tense World Cup meeting on Sunday, FIFA tried to end a standoff with European teams over the unauthorized wearing of captain’s armbands for an anti-discrimination campaign drawing attention to Qatar.

It didn’t work.

FIFA wanted seven European football federations to abandon allowing their captains to wear “One Love” armbands – a multicolored heart-shaped logo aimed at revealing the country’s human rights record.

FIFA failed to persuade the Europeans with a counter-proposal announced on Saturday, with the support of UN agencies, of armbands with socially conscious, albeit generic, slogans.

The meeting in a luxury hotel in Doha was hastened because England, Holland and Wales all play on Monday in their opening games in the World Cup.

“I think we’ve made it clear that we want to wear it,” England captain Harry Kane said on Sunday night in Doha before playing against Iran.

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