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Carson City Starbucks – According to a news release, the Carson City Fire Department presented Starbucks employees Nicole Cisneros, Andrew Tuell, Allison Galloway, Brittany Stanley and Alicia Allen with the Lifesaving Award for their outstanding efforts in lifesaving intervention during first responders. city

On May 12, an emergency call was received from an employee at the North Carson Street Starbucks who saw an unconscious and unconscious customer, with immediate instructions from the dispatcher to start immediately. Starbucks employees have no formal training prior to performing rescue procedures without fail.

Carson City Starbucks

Upon arrival, Engine 52 and Rescue 52 crews immediately realized what everyone could do to keep the patient’s brain functioning until further steps could be taken to restore blood flow and breathing. By providing chest compressions and setting up artificial ventilation, Starbucks staff contributed to the patient’s life.

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Recalling the incident, Firefighter/Paramedic Johnathan Wielkie said, “At one point, I called out to the crew for ‘sugar’ and one of the workers on the scene responded ‘I’ve got sugar!’ and he likes to help what he realizes is the dessert request. The word ‘sugar’ is the word we ask our members to get their blood sugar level. This employee’s desire to help, even if inadvertently, helps relieve stress at home.

Starbucks staff continued to observe what appeared to be chaos, and after several interventions, firefighter/paramedics returned from the emergency plane and transported the patient to the hospital. Paramedics arrived at the hospital and the patient was in good spirits, with good circulation and good ventilation. The patient was admitted to the ICU to recover and then discharged. Workers at the Shepherd and Harold Starbucks locations in Houston are moving to unionize, according to a letter sent Monday to company CEO Howard Schultz. Google Street View

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On Monday, workers at Starbucks’ Shepherd and Harold locations in Houston announced plans to unionize in a letter to the company’s CEO Howard Schultz.

Union leaders wrote a two-page memo saying the store had been without a real store manager or effective leadership for the past several months, asking workers to perform administrative duties without compensation for their responsibilities.

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“Over the past few months, we have discovered that there are no store managers responsible for our locations,” the group said. “This position, which has existed before, is almost entirely responsible for the success of the store. There is no real leader or management available to support us for many days, we are left to see each other. and our life is a group of free colleagues who do not see any financial benefit from this work”.

The group said previous attempts to speak to the relevant authorities about the matter were rejected or ignored and that the group’s subsequent actions were motivated by a desire to hold the company to the level of performance expected of former employees.

“Each of us has given this company more than we can see in return. It is clear that because we are a team that can run our own shop, and with few leaders, we will always forget with a little support “, County. organization. writing committee. “Although efforts have been made to provide assistance from time to time, at this time, this facility does not maintain a friendly experience to the same level that we hope to maintain the customer experience.

“United as a group, we have seen that unity among the bartenders and shift supervisors in our area is the only way to make our voices heard,” the letter said.

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The notice is the first unionization effort by Starbucks in the Houston area and the 11th by Starbucks workers anywhere in the Lone Star State, according to the union advocacy website More Perfect Union. In December 2021, workers at a Starbucks in Buffalo, New York voted to become the first unionized store among the 9,000 annual workplace strikes. By mid-June, another 143 Starbucks locations had unionized and workers at 120 stores were calling for a union vote, according to a report by The Guardian’s Steven Greenhouse.

A Starbucks boss released a statement Tuesday saying the company does not believe unions are the answer to workers’ problems, but will insist on the right to organize.

“We are listening and learning from our friends from this store as always in the country. It has not changed,” the statement said. “We have also made it clear that we respect the constitutional right of our colleagues to organize and treat workers who are elected to represent unions. The Distribution Center opened on June 7 with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

MINDEN, Nev. – Exactly one year to the day since the Starbucks Distribution Center and Roastery opened for its expansion, the ribbon will be cut on June 7 to celebrate the completion of the project.

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The addition of 710,000 square feet brings the total size of the distribution center, located near Minden-Tahoe Airport, to 895,000 square feet.

The expansion combined two warehouses outside of Reno, and many employees from those locations moved to a location in central Douglas.

Alisa Carroll, Director of Communications and Public Relations, will bring 120 new Starbucks jobs to the Carson Valley plant, bringing the total to 550 employees.

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It’s 100 percent landfill-free, he said, and waste is recycled or sent to a recycling facility in Sacramento.

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The project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget, so the construction team returned a check to Starbucks for $275,000.

The June 7 ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by local Starbucks partners, warehouse workers, construction crews and Starbucks corporate executives who came to celebrate the project’s accomplishments. completed, operating in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and parts. from Asia Pacific.

“If anyone remembers when we built our first off-site building eight years ago, it was in a 20,000-square-foot building across the street,” said Todd McCullough, director of distribution. “I’ve been doing this for over a year. Now we can integrate into this area, impact the transportation, the environmental impact, get the truck off the road. So it’s a huge accomplishment for everybody.”

Rides were given to friends and community members after the ribbon cutting, and merchandise was available for attendees after the event.

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In 2014, the Carson Valley roastery was the site of the launch of the Starbucks Inclusion Academy, which offers a six-week training program for people with disabilities. This year, the Academy partnered with local Starbucks store managers and local managers to provide marketing and barista training, Carroll said.

The Starbucks Carson Valley Roastery opened in March 2003. At the time, it was the third largest roastery in the United States.

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