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From an epic Tollywood blockbuster to a modest Iranian road movie, Cate Blanchett misbehaving with Michelle Yeoh saving the multiverse, these were the movies that made our year.

No one could be blamed for thinking that Movies – the middle capital M – was in the midst of an existential crisis in 2022. The theatrical experience seemed to be constantly hanging by a thread, threatening to become a thing of the past. (Though a sincere thank you you, Mr. Tom Cruise, for saving it for at least one more year.) Streaming services have continued to underwrite new projects from canon-worthy directors, only to undermine those same films by throwing them to the algorithm wolves and turning them into just another “content.” “. Superhero movies continued to dominate multiplex screens and IP franchises continued to multiply and/or become multiverse at the expense of other options. (If we have to suffer through one more “Marty or Marvel?” argument on Film Twitter … it’s a joke. RIP Twitter.) If only a movie fell in the woods and a pop star wasn’t accused of spitting on a shore while promoting did that even make a sound? The phrase “casual cinephile” has come close to becoming an oxy-idiot. The sky is falling!, screams the chorus of cinephile chickens, before returning to the Criterion Channel to snag yesterday’s art heroes.

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Yes, the sight of big pictures seemed terrible at times. But once again, the movies delivered. Sometimes, it was a matter of knowing where to look for them and keeping faith that something life-changing, if not game-changing, was just around the corner. Other times, there seemed to be an abundance of incredible cinema, running the gamut from lyrical documentaries to genre exercises and left-wing blockbusters, arriving in waves. Movies like Tar could still inspire It’s been a good 12 months to be a movie-omnivorous. This year we expanded the list to 22 films, because 2022! Yes, we really are shameless! – but still, there were a number of extraordinary films that continued to embrace the idea of ​​a “best of” line-up. Movies are not dead. They are not even the past.

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(A quick shout out to some honorable mentions: All Beauty and Bloodshed, Armageddon Time, Barbarian, Bones and All, Catherine Called Birdy, Corsage, Donbass, The Eternal Daughter, God’s Country, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, Men, Montana Story, Moonage Daydream, The Northman, Peter von Kant, playground, The Silent Twins, Top Gun: Mavericke The Wonder Also, there was a debate about inclusion little mama e The worst person in the world in the best game this year, as their qualifying runs in 2021 meant they appeared on several lists last year. We’ll save those two for our Best of the Decade list.)

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