Alienergy Drink

Alienergy Drink – Alienergy is the first brand in China to make an energy drink without sugar. Our two main goals are to promote brand identity and emphasize the strong performance of our energy drink. We believe that the alien is an appropriate metaphor for an unknown force, so we redesigned it. The identity is so simple that it is easy to remember and it is interesting for consumers to visualize the whole profile.

The alien number is an extension of the logo, an emphasis that can make the brand more associated with this iconic symbol. Alienergy intends to keep this character as a trademark for the entire product line of energy drinks. The brand chose a clean palette and used a metallic sheen for accents. Along with an unsweetened, emphatic information section, the design differentiates the product from its competitors and expresses the brand’s attitude towards innovation.

Alienergy Drink

The slim form factor helps the product stand out on the shelf in today’s retail environment and creates a better handling experience for our customers. A net weight of 330ml is also designed. With the main product line of the product, this product serves the largest audience in the energy market and this dimension has survived the market test. Most customers can finish this drink in one comfortable place without having to carry it with their hands.

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Lifeworth Male Power Drink Tongkat Ali Energy Herbal Healthy Vitality Instant Black Maca Reishi Coffee

The project started in June 2020 and ended in October 2020. The project was completed in Beijing, China. Made in Shanghai, China.

As we face the global plastic challenge, aluminum becomes the obvious solution for effective recycling and recovery. Alienergy strongly believes that today’s companies have a responsibility to help spread the message and values.

In today’s market, especially after the pandemic, the trend of health awareness is growing. We want to create a revolutionary product that meets this need. We conducted online and offline surveys on the importance of sugar-free choices and the beauty of the designs behind the first phase. Each question is designed to test our design or unique product features against real market competitors, which in turn support our analysis and results. We are more confident that our products and packaging designs are backed by science.

This entry is our second generation design. The biggest challenge we faced was that Alienergy’s original design had a very natural aesthetic with a primary color scheme of green and white. It wasn’t different enough from the market and we wanted a more powerful and impactful design, but we stayed true to our brand concept. This current design does not directly reflect nature and taste, such as tea leaves or fruits, but thin lines, geometric shapes and very different colors to emphasize a strong impression on customers.

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Genki Forest Alienergy Sports Drink Grapefruit Flavour 500ml

TEAM MEMBERS (6): Logo Brand Design: Gang Wang, Jiaqi Liu, Logo Mark Design: Xiaolan Xiao, Packaging Design: Xiaolan Xiao, Tianyun Liu and Print Preparation: Xiaolan Xiao PHOTO CREDIT:

ADDRESS/STUDIO/NAME DETAILS: Genki Forest (Beijing) Food Technology Group Co., Ltd. HISTORY: Genki Forest is a trendy health drink in the global market, founded in 2016. Health-oriented Genki Forest must break the barriers of taste, uphold the principle of “Consumer First” and the concept of “Global Service Global”. Alienergy is a subgenre of Genki Forest. So far, Genki Forest’s product has been completely covered in China and has reached 30 foreign countries. It is also exported to many countries, including the United States, New Zealand, Singapore, etc. Nominated in the packaging design category. · This project is currently confidential as the results have not been published. Project images and additional details are not yet available to the public, check back later. If you own this design, please login to view images. · Click here to register to see Genki Forest’s profile and other activities when results are released.

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