275 Gallon Water Tanks

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The newly manufactured 275 liter composite IBC container is one of the most widely used IBC models and is often chosen because of its increased capacity, single pallet size space, robustness and chemical compatibility of casing building materials. The composite IBC box has an inner tank made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and is housed in a galvanized steel protective cage. Polyethylene liners are blow molded from pure HDPE resin that is FDA food grade, ANSI/NSF 61 certified, BPA free, UV stabilized and approved for drinking water and consumables based cargo.

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275 Gallon Water Tanks

The 275 liter poly IBC cans are designed to CFR Title 49 IBC Manufacturing and Design Testing for UN/DOT Approved Labeling. The Polytote UN/DOT label is approved by the IBC for transport and handling of non-hazardous or hazardous packaging groups II and III, solid to liquid. Examples: Chemicals, solutions, sands, paints, coatings, paints, process wastes, greases, oils, lubricants, intermediates, powders and granules.

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The new 275 liter poly IBC is manufactured in nominal tank thickness to certify dense liquid solutions with specific gravity up to 1.9. Poly IBC crates are durable, reusable material handling and shipping containers with improved resistance to corrosion, impact and basic exposures such as rain, rust, heat and dust. The 275 liter mesh box is a versatile IBC suitable for a variety of business use scenarios. Some industries that use poly-tot include agriculture, construction, road construction, water treatment and transportation, rainwater applications, petrochemicals, food and beverage, paints and fragrances, coatings and paints, chemical synthesis, waste management, manufacturing and product/waste disposal. is included.

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Dimensions of a 275 liter IBC container are 45″L x 40″W, similar to typical pallet dimensions. Composite IBCs are equipped with 4-way access channels for increased maneuverability via pallet jacks and forklifts. Cubic Engineering supports IBC integration, stacking, packaging and configuration. A single 275 liter poly can has a volume equivalent to five standard 55 liter drums, maximizing space and usage within the job. Politot models have 2″ polypropylene relief ball valves with 6″ ventilation, screw cap inlet ports, and male quick connect connectors.

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