2022’s Vast Potential Cryptos: Uniglo.io, Internet Computer And Algorand

Despite the current difficult trading conditions, 2022 has seen some of the most innovative projects enter the market following the creative boom of the pandemic. You may find it difficult to choose which projects to support. In this article, we highlight Uniglo, Internet Computer, and Algorand as some of the most promising options available today.


Uniglo is an exciting new project entering the final phase of pre-sales. Although it is the newest protocol on our list, Uniglo has performed admirably, with the ICO jumping by a remarkable 55% due to the high interest and increased demand. Uniglo plans to buy a wide range of assets, from cryptocurrency and NFTs to digitized gold and collectibles. Mixing digital assets with real assets, the local token GLO is backed by both volatile and traditional financial resources. These assets will be stored in the GLO Vault. The Vault must be financed by the public treasury, which in turn is supported by sales and purchase taxes, meaning that the potential increases every time users trade. Uniglo’s tagline is “Together We GLO”, which refers to the way the Uniglo community has the right to vote on what assets they would like to buy, including buying GLOs to burn them. Uniglo also has an Ultra-Burn mechanic that keeps currencies deflated (as opposed to traditional fiat, which of course suffers from constant inflation).

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Internet computer

Internet PC is a general purpose blockchain designed to run dApps at web speed. The system aims to replace traditional IT services by moving everything to the blockchain using nodes, which means it is easily scalable when additional nodes are acquired. Internet PC currently supports thousands of dApps that work completely without the need for cloud services or computer servers.

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Algorand claims to be the world’s most powerful and sustainable blockchain. Cryptocurrency is notorious for being bad for the environment, which Algorand aims to change. The network has been carbon neutral since 2021 and has a strong focus on energy efficiency. Today’s consumers are conscientious and want to support companies whose values ​​align with theirs, making Algoranda very attractive to those who want to do business in an environmentally friendly way.

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2022 is a great year for design and development. Along with Internet Computer and Algorand, Uniglo offers unbeatable value with its low pre-sale price – exports are watching closely, with high hopes for further growth.

Find out more:

Join the presale: https://presale.uniglo.io/register

Website: https://uniglo.io

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